Moonrise Midstream’s Gas Gathering and Crude Gathering System gathers and processes ~10BCF of gas/year and ~1.5MM Barrels of crude/year. The Moonrise team continues to grow the asset through our existing customers and through value accretive greenfield projects or acquisitions. A majority of agreements are long-term dedications with a mix of fee based and commodity based terms, creating alignment and stability for the business. Moonrise has several expansions underway which are intended to continue driving value for our customers and investors.

Gas Gathering and Processing System Overview

Moonrise operates the Redtail Gas Plant, capable of 105MMscfd of processing capacity through a combination of two processing plants. The plant began operations in 2015. The Redtail Gas Plant is currently a refrigerated process with amine and dehydration on the front end. The plant has 16,000 HP of operated reciprocating compression for inlet and residue gas and 6,300 HP of propane refrigeration compression. In addition, Moonrise has purchased an additional 14,100 HP of reciprocating compression to serve future growth of the asset. Redtail Gas Plant compression is fully electrified, allowing for greater runtimes and a lower carbon footprint. Redtail residue gas is connected to Trailblazer Pipeline, with a very favorable backhaul contract to Cheyenne Hub. Redtail natural gas liquids are connected to Williams/Oneok Overland Pass Pipeline, with markets in Conway and Belvieu.

Redtail Gas Plant is fed by ~90 miles of gas gathering system either through interconnects with adjacent customers or directly to wellpads. The system is a combination of HDPE and steel pipeline, with a majority of the system greater than 10’’ in diameter. A majority of the field operates at 25-50 psig. All of the inlet compression is located at Redtail Gas Plant, creating a very low cost and efficient operation.

Northeast DJ Basin Natural Gas Map

Crude Oil Gathering System Overview

Moonrise operates a Crude Gathering System in the Redtail Field. The crude system comprises of ~25 miles of 4″-12″ steel pipelines. Our trunklines and measurement are designed to handle 90,000 Barrels/day of crude. The system connects directly into the Pawnee Terminal, a Tallgrass operated facility, which is part of the greater Pony Express System. This system provides flow assurance for customers in rural Weld County.

Northeast DJ Basin Crude Map